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Alexander Stein, PhD serves as a trusted advisor to senior executives, boards, and entrepreneurs.  Drawing on his extensive experience as a consultant, and training and expertise as a psychoanalyst, he combines clinically-informed insight with practical business strategies to address challenging people issues in organizations. A Principal in the Boswell Group, a New York-based psychodynamic consulting group, Alexander’s approach pivots on optimizing C-Suite decision-making and problem-solving through understanding the underpinnings of motivation and behavior, and is founded in the view that leaders who are psychologically in tune—resilient, aware, communicative—have an unmatchable competitive advantage.  He has extensive experience in leadership development, transition, and succession; boardroom and senior team dynamics; senior-level assessments; corporate culture and ethics; and enterprise innovation.  His engagements range from founder-led start-ups to complex organizations operating in a broad array of industries and sectors around the world.

Alexander is a widely published writer and expert commentator whose work has been featured and cited in many national and international publications, including Fast Company, INC, Financier Worldwide, The New York Times, and The Wall St Journal, among many others; and he is a former monthly columnist for FORTUNE Small Business and regular blog contributor to CNN/Money and BNET/CBS Business News online, writing on the psychological dimensions of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Alexander is also Founder of Dolus Advisors, a boutique consultancy providing actionable predictive insight in human risk to help leaders and boards proactively detect, mitigate, and respond to executive misconduct, insider threats, and white-collar and cyber malfeasance risks. Dolus regularly serves as a specialist advisor to international litigation, investigations, intelligence, and cybersecurity firms to develop sophisticated 3D profiles and precision forecasts of fraudsters or other malicious actors and their networks of affiliates and collaborators.  He is a pioneer of psychodynamic intelligence analysis and is recognized as a leading authority in the psychology of fraud and human risk. Alexander is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at international conferences and corporate off-sites and training events.

Alexander holds Master’s and Doctoral degrees in psychoanalysis and is a New York State-licensed and nationally certified psychoanalyst.  He is on the advisory boards of MeasuredRisk, a cybersecurity firm and risk analytics platform; the Cybsersecurity Workforce Alliance, an industry-driven initiative to create a robust cyber-skilled workforce; and Catchafire, a for-profit B-Corp which matches professionally-skilled volunteers with nonprofits and social enterprises. Alexander has acted as the Founder/CEO’s leadership advisor since Catchafire’s inception.

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